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The Wrestling Greats

The Wrestling Greats is a product of Double D Digital. Its purpose is to provide world class instruction and bouts to the wrestling community while providing a means of support for the athletes themselves. The products found on this site are a means of giving back to the wrestling organizations involved as well as the athletes. By purchasing products from The Wrestling Greats you are buying into the Olympic Spirit and supporting those who give their all in the support of this great sport.

The Wrestling Greats will be constantly updated with new products and bouts. We strive to give you the highest quality downloads at affordable prices. We are here to serve you the wrestling public. If you have requests for videos not found on The Wrestling Greats you can Contact Us to check for future availability.

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The Partnerships

USA Wrestling Nation The Wrestling Greats in partnership with USA Wrestling now provides every USA Wrestling member a $35 coupon for free products that are supplied to the site from USA Wrestling. This is just one of the many ways that USA Wrestling and The Wrestling Greats are giving back to you the wrestling community. Please see the USAW Coupon Page for more details on this service.

Besides this great site, Double D Digital has worked to develop a FREE world class technique engine and official's education service. Through The Wrestling Nation you can now access the Cliff Keen Encyclopedia of Technique which is a technique engine that allows you to see world class athletes performing techniques on the highest level. Also through The Wrestling Nation you will now be able to test your officiating skills by scoring situations that Fila Officials use to train their officials. These tools are just the start of what Double D Digital will bring to you in the coming months. Be on the lookout for great deals and new products, as we will be constantly partnering and adding new content.

The Greats

Double D Digital has made greats strides in bringing together a collection of instructional videos and series of entertainment products to better you as a coach, wrestler, or fan of this great sport.

Its is with that in mind that we have gone out and gotten the likes of Bobby Douglas, Dave Bennett, Kevin Jackson, Les Gutches, Lincoln Mcilravy, and Mike McArthur to share with us their thoughts on the wrestling world today and what it takes to achieve their levels of greatness. We will also be featuring products from Henry Cejudo, Rob Koll and countless others as we expand our catalog to include the most up to date products for your wrestling needs.

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